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Glamor velvet Solet

Text: Blanca de Almandoz

The director had just crashed resoundingly at the box office with the misunderstood Dune , so the script for Blue Velvet went through many studios before one agreed to finish what would end up being a cult film. The title alluded to the Bobby Vinton song, a classic of the 60s, although, in addition to paying homage to its soundtrack, it perfectly described the atmosphere of the set. From the lighting to the texture to the plot, everything seemed wrapped in a filter of softness as dense as only plush fabrics, powdery perfumes and the darkest, most sensual and complex stories can achieve. If velvet were a woman it would be Isabella Rosellini, if it were a fragrance it would have a background of iris or musk and if it were a film it could only be directed by David Lynch.

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